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The Hypnotist

Robert Temple is one of the world’s leading comedy stage hypnotists. Over the past eight years, he has toured his explosively funny hypnosis show to NINE countries around the world, performing over 1500 live shows and hypnotising over 10,000 people…


This is the show where truly anything can happen… and usually does. Only ONE thing is guaranteed… this is an evening that you will NEVER forget. You’ll gasp as ordinary volunteers drop deep into a hypnotic trance and lose all inhibitions, with just a click of Robert’s fingers.

This dynamic entertainer hurls this age-old art form kicking and screaming into the 21st century with his supersonic hypnotic speed, outrageously funny sketches and his loveable quick wit.

This is your TRANCE to become the STAR of his hypnotic world and take this roller coaster ride to the very centre of your imagination! Will YOU give him a piece of your mind?


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